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CIBAS Group aims at being your key partner since the early development stages of any new product involving permanent magnets. Our R&D and engineering knowledge will guide you in the choice of the most appropriate magnetic material for your application, and our production know-how will guarantee stable quality over the life of your project.

Application Analysis

With more than 100 years of expertise, CIBAS Group can provide tailored services for every customer, in all industries. Our R&D Team in Milan is fully dedicated to custom consultancy. The engineers of the Group are specialized in developing tailored solutions with modelling softwares like Comsol Multiphysics.

We are able to simulate and calculate the behavior of all permanent magnets in all kinds of environments and applications, enabling you to always choose the most appropriate magnet for your product. With our know-how, we can guide you from early concept design, to series production of the magnets.

Mass production all from one provider

Our Business Units, CIBAS Sintered Magnets and CIBAS Plastic Bonded Magnets, are exclusively dedicated to production.
The integration between engineering and production, allows us to respond to your orders with top-quality products all year long.

The Headquarters in Milan also serve as reference supplier for the EMEA region, enabling CIBAS Group to work worldwide with the shortest lead time.

Highest precision at all stages

CIBAS Group business units are all equipped with the same state-of-the-art measuring instruments for geometric, environmental and magnetic tests. This allows Cibas Group to have full control starting from the engineering stage, up to the final production.

Our quality will be your competitive advantage

Quality has always been the focal point of our Business. Thats is the reason why CIBAS Group established an entirely dedicated department to Quality Management in Milan Headquarters.


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Your direct contact

Your direct contact

Riccardo Chiappa
Operations Manager

+39 01 234 567 89